Harris/Decima: Ad: Creativity

In support of the National Art Center's (Ottawa, Canada), OperaLyra, Adrian Jean Creative was commissioned to develop a sponsor advertisement for one of Canada's leading market research and public opinion polling firms, Harris/Decima.

The visual requirements for the ad were open to discretion. The only request was that the ad express the inspiration behind the sponsoring of the NAC's OperaLyra.

From the OperaLyra site: "Opera blends the artistry of theatre, dance and musical elegance, forging a dramatic and unforgettable theatrical experience. The combination of a full orchestra, chorus, soloists and occasionally dancers offers so much more than any of these elements could achieve on their own."

This description was used to developed a look for the ad that had a feeling of movement and sound. Sheet music from Beethoven's "Für Elise" was used and run across the page. As the musical notation progresses musical bars bend and curl, while notes leap our of place as if the sheet music itself had taken on life of it's own. The resulting shape evokes an image of the neck and head of a guitar, and with the supplied body copy plays off of the meaning of the word "creativity". The client was very happy with the result, and the ad ran in the OperaLyra program for the entire season.