The Snowflake Ball

The Snowflake Ball is an annual extravaganza/themed costume ball and auction in support of research on crohn's, colitis, and colorectal cancer, as well as the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario's Foundation.

Adrian Jean creative Ltd. was approached to create a new unified identity for the ball, as well as all supporting material (printed invitations, advertisements, marketing material) and a completely rejuvenated web presence. Year after year the ball takes on a different theme for the evening. As such, the identity we designed for the ball had to work in many different visual ecosystems. For 2011 the theme was "Venetian Sunset Masquerade".

The website was redesigned and reengineered from the ground up. Not only did the site extend the theme for 2011, but Adrian Jean Creative developed a content management system so that ball organizers could maintain the site with a minimal amount of technical knowledge and time. The client was very pleased with the the new identity and the overall work produced for the ball. The client also received very high regards for the new identity and look of the 2011 ball, from patrons and partners alike.